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We’ve Rebranded

We’re looking fresh!

Here we are at the very beginning. This is our story, the one where all of the elements come together. There are two crucial elements that play part in this story, communication and integrity. These are the factors that hold together an impactful brand, through the design process and long after the brand has launched into the world. We’re committed to helping your brand stand out in a crowded market, against a sea of hungry competitors. It’s what we do!

This is the core message behind the refreshed Oath Creative brand. A promise of authentic design served with integrity.

^ Out with the old and in with the new.


These elements are crucial to our personality and are a reflection of our brand expertise. We are a team of creatives with a diverse range of skills working with you to find the perfect solution for your brand. Based in sunny Brisbane, we are a creative studio who develop quality outcomes through consultation and communication with our clients.

Oath Creative offers services in brand identity design, graphic and digital design, web design and development, copywriting, and complete marketing services including digital marketing strategy.

Every brand needs a symbol, a badge of honour to put out in to the world that signifies what they stand for. When discussing the rebrand for the studio, hand gestures quickly came to the front, pinkie promise, hand over heart or a secret handshake. For us at Oath Creative, it’s become Scout’s Honour… a promise to uphold our commitment to Authentic, Creative Design – true and dedicated.


^ Our promise symbol representing our promise to create authentic creative design.

Outside of aesthetics, branding requires strategy and critical thinking. Our own branding is no different. How can we position yourself to get your share of the market? What do we do differently that helps you stand out? Why should people come to you? For us it all comes back to the Promise. Authenticity is at the core of that we do. With authenticity comes a clarity of purpose and the first steps of a way forward with our clients.

We are extremely excited to unveil the brand new Oath Creative brand, take a look at our site! We’d love to hear your thoughts!


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