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Your brand communicates who you are and why it matters.

At Oath Creative, we establish meaning and purpose in your brand, so we can amplify who you are to the masses.

  • Brand Identity Design
  • Logo Design
  • Brand Style Guide Development
  • Property Developer Branding


Your brand identity tells people who you are (and why they should care)

What value do you offer? Who are you? Why should your customers care? Your brand identity answers these questions. It gives your target audience subtle hints about who you are, appealing to their interests and tastes and sticking in their head like a good song.

Of course, there’s a lot of strategy behind a brand. It’s more than creating a logo that looks good (we’ll do that, too, though).

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What we do

We’ll create the brand your dream customer has been waiting for

Oath Creative is the team you can count on to create a brand that nabs you your dream customer.

A clear set of goals

But what do we mean when we say that? We’ll get to know you, understand your goals, and create a brand that’s designed to connect and resonate.

A logo identity

It’s not just your logo that defines your brand. It’s the accompanying iconography, the typography, the colours, and every other small aspect or detail.

Bits and pieces

And especially, it’s how these elements come together to communicate your brand’s identity.

A set of brand guidelines

Your new brand identity creation comes with a Brand Style Guide. So you know exactly how to execute and communicate your brand in a variety of scenarios.

It’s all in the creative process

Our process

It’s the creative process that defines the success of your brand

We get to know you, really well.

We don’t just get to know your target market, we get to know you like it’s our brand, too.

Where are you now? How big is your company? What’s your bread and butter? More importantly, what’s in store for the future? What are your dreams for your business?

We’ll get to know what you need, too. Often, this will evolve throughout the process, but don’t worry – we’ll hold your hand as we make our way through.

It all comes together as a brand that creates real buzz

Our process creates a finished product that is just stunning, boundless, delicate, joyous, or whatever kind of style you’re going for. It’s a full rollout process of branding, assets, type, and even tone of voice and messaging. It results in a brand that makes you and your dream customer a perfect match.

Take pride in your brand and execute work that’s perfectly in line with who you’re aspiring to be.

Our Speciailty

We create property development brands that buyers can’t forget.

Make your mark and stay at the top of potential buyers’ minds. Our branding agency specialises in the creation of brands and marketing for new developments. The perfect first apartment off-the-plan or multi-level luxury penthouses in the CBD – we’ll create the ideal brand for your ideal buyer.

Brisbane website design

It starts with understanding your development.

What makes it special? Who dreams of living or opening their business here? What kind of brand will speak to them and encourage them to act? We consider all of this and more when we develop your brand story.

This way, when the time comes to roll out your marketing plan, we know exactly who the brand is and how they need to communicate.

Our Brand Design FAQs

We don’t do a set branding price or set packages for our branding. Each of our branding projects is individually scoped and priced so we can make sure we’re delivering everything you need to achieve the best possible outcome – rather than trying to force a brief to fit a price.

Your brand is a full ecosystem of ideas, your identity, and all the tangible aspects (the assets). Your logo is just one asset that comes from your brand – and it is an important one. Good brand identity will take who the business is and what it wants, realise this through colours, shapes, and symbols, and demonstrate your logo, assets, and their different variations.

You’ll receive all of the branding assets we agree upon in our initial chat. Each asset will come in a variety of file formats and colour profiles. Along with these, you’ll receive a brand style guide. Your style guide will run you through all the different scenarios you might use your branding in and show you exactly how to use it. This guide ensures you and any future designers pull off your brand seamlessly.

Yes, of course. Whether you’d like web or graphic design, print design, illustration, or digital marketing, we’d love to create a custom proposal for you. Book your purpose session today.

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