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As a business owner, the one thing you wish you could have more of is time. Let us take care of the digital marketing strategy for your brand so that you can focus on what really matters – your business.

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A digital marketing strategy is a plan for maximising the success of your business in the busy online spaces of the internet. If you have a website or promote your products online in any way, a solid digital marketing strategy should be a part of your overall brand marketing strategy.

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A professional digital marketing plan for your brand needs to clearly define the digital marketing strategy goals and identify the online marketing channels it will use to achieve those goals. The choice of channels used in your plan will greatly depend on what your business is trying to achieve.

Digital Marketing Strategy Goals

As a part of your overall plan, we can help to identify the achievable digital marketing campaign goals for your brand. Some of the digital marketing goal examples include:

  • Increasing the number of impressions – this means improving how often your content, products or services are shown to the people who may be interested in them
  • Increasing traffic – increasing traffic converting from impressions to clicks and encouraging your prospective customers to visit your social media pages or your website when they see them online
  • Increasing conversions and goal completions – increasing the number of commercially meaningful actions taken by your visitors on your website or social media pages. This may include contact and call back requests, clicking on your phone number to dial your business, clicking on your email address, purchasing a product or booking a service
  • Improving user experience ­– this goal focuses on making it easier for your visitors to navigate your website and find the products, information and services they are looking for. Improving user experience is a fundamental part of increasing your goal completions and conversions; the easier it is for your prospective client to buy your products or book your services, the more likely it is that they will choose to do business with you
  • Improving visitor engagement – this means making sure that your brand identity design is captivating and that your content is informative and engaging in a way that keeps your visitors on your website or social media pages for longer

Digital Marketing Channels

An effective digital channel strategy must cautiously consider what online marketing channels to use to deliver its content your audience:


An owned media strategy leverages the digital assets already in possession of your business. Most commonly this means your company website, your business social media pages, your blog and your email.

  • Blog Marketing Strategy – a well thought out blog content strategy can help you get found for questions and phrases closely related to your products or services
  • E-Mail Marketing Strategy – attractive and professionally designed newsletter and promotions distributed by e-mail can help your business to attract its past customers to return
  • Social Media Marketing Strategy – how many people do you know who are not on social media? An informed strategy for engaging with the crowds of potentials customer in this space is probably as important as television advertising used to be 10 years ago, it is also far more affordable.


Earned media means the mentions your brand earns organically, you earn media through captivating brand identity design that builds strong brand recognition and brand awareness in your audience. It’s simple really, great products and useful services from interesting brands get talked about.


Paid media requires you to purchase advertising spaces online but you also need to know when and where to appear to maximise the returns on what you spend on your ads. A paid media strategy will outline those aspects depending on your audience:

  • Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC) – Google Ads on Google Search or Microsoft Ads on Bing are the two most commonly used platforms for PPC Advertising where you bid to appear for search keywords related to your business
  • Paid Social Ads – like sponsored posts for example. Your paid social strategy will vary depending on whether your target audience is on Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn
  • Display Ads – Your ads can also appear on the websites others who are participating in display advertising space sales through platforms like Google AdSense. Its essential for your brand to stand out of the crowd and capture the attention of people who see your ads.

Owned Media Audit

An owned media audit will identify whether you are effectively using the digital properties to your advantage.

Does your website accurately reflect your brand, what your business does and does it speak to the kind of audience you want to attract? Do your social media pages target the right potential customers and are your content platform appropriate – posting funny memes may be a good idea on Facebook, but maybe not so much on a professional network like LinkedIn.


Brand Audit

Don’t let other brands drown yours out. The strength of a well-developed brand is in how quickly it can captivate the people who see it.

Brands become iconic when a coherent brand image embeds itself in the minds of its consumers. Does your brand reflect your business, how it operates, what it does or sells and to whom?

A good brand is a vital part of an effective digital marketing strategy.


Putting it All Together Into a Digital Marketing Strategy Plan for Your Business

Oath Creative Marketing Strategy Agency Brisbane can help your business develop an effective digital marketing strategy plan it needs to succeed on the crowded internet of today.

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