Digital Design Agency

Your website is a place of information, evidence of your business, and a community for your users.

Digital design goes beyond website design, and graphic design focused on creating attractive and responsive web pages and emphasizes eye-catching visuals. Digital designs combine both, while focusing on functionality, usability and brand cohesion. Digital design is the first step in the creation of anything intended for display on a digital screen, from a mobile smartphone, a computer monitor, TV to large digital billboards.

We design landing pages, develop marketing collateral, banners and general online marketing materials. At our digital design agency, we create digital spaces for your audiences to experience and remember.

If you are looking to design and create anything intended for viewing on a screen, contact Oath Creative, Brisbane’s premier digital design agency.

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Bespoke Digital Designs

Our digital design agency crafts bespoke digital marketing collateral. We create digital experiences for your clients and take your audiences on a digital journey. We ensure your customers find the information they seek; see the services they need and discover the products they want. Most importantly, we make sure they remember your brand./span>



Effective website layouts

The arrangement of visual blocks and elements on your web pages matters and not all websites are made equal. An eye-catching design may be attractive to look at but frustrating to navigate. Website designed with simplicity in mind may be easy to use, but boring to look at. Effective website layouts keep your visitors browsing your information, buying your products and booking your services.

Digital Multimedia

Digital content can go beyond purely visual design. Combining different content forms: text, audio, images, animations, video and interactivity, digital multimedia design creates content that engages all of your audience’s senses.

2D Animation

Even if you think you do not need the services of an animator, keep in mind that 2D animation does not necessarily mean animated characters. 2D animation used in digital marketing helps to create engaging content by using on-screen movement to capture the attention of your audience. Think to whenever an animated banner or image draws your eyes to a part of a website or an online advertisement – this is what 2d animation can do for your business.

Social Media Collateral

Social media collateral refers to the different types of multimedia used in social media marketing. From illustrations, images and photography through videos and animated GIF images; all of these media can serve as collateral materials in social media marketing. Effective design of social media collateral is crucial. Many small business pages use a Facebook cover image is not quite the right size or a LinkedIn profile image that does not display the full logo. These are only two examples of problems easily addressed with the help of professionally designed social media collateral.

Visual Web and E-Mail Ads

Display marketing works better when your potential clients do not immediately delete your e-mail or ignore your banners. Even the best deals may need a little bit of help to pop-out among the mass of marketing e-mails your target audience is likely to receive any given day.

Templating of Digital Documents

If you use digital documents in your business, for example, send sales proposals or client reports in PDF or Word format. We can help you integrate your brand identity into those files by creating re-usable templates. Make your digital documents a part of your brand image with the help from Oath Creative.

Digital Billboards

Digital billboards are not just large computer displays. Effective use of this advertising space requires you to do more than use an attractive design. You have to consider the display resolution and viewing conditions. The distance from the billboard to the viewer can impact readability. Appropriate use of text size and colour palette can make your message visible from different viewing angles and distances in different conditions.

Pitch Decks and Multimedia Presentations

Does your business have pitch products, present on ideas or report on results using computer presentations? We can integrate your brand image into your pitch decks and presentations to make you more compelling to your clients.