Branding Through Storytelling

Branding through storytelling should be a key part of your marketing efforts.


Branding Through Storytelling

Branding through storytelling should be a key part of your marketing efforts, and in this short blog we are going to explain how and why this is the case. Your brand story is one of the most powerful engagement tools and by using storytelling to get people interested about your product you will find you develop a much more meaningful connection with your audience.

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Branding through storytelling: A how to

Storytelling is something that comes naturally to people; we engage with others using a narrative structure, so why should your brand story be any different? When people hear or see a story they are drawn in by a few key factors:

  • Conflict
  • Solution
  • Success

When you are telling your brand story you need to own the adversities that your business has faced, and let your genuine personality shine through. A brand story is not a marketing leaflet, and it’s not an ad. It’s a genuine story about your brand and business, and done right it will attract people to your business.

For example, if your business got off the ground after you saw a problem in the market and wanted to fill it – share this with people. Explain that you had the same challenges they did and wanted to create a solution to make life easier/cheaper/more enjoyable. If you struggled for a few years, share this! If you had a couple of false starts, share this! That’s the conflict part. Then, shine through with the solution: Your product/service/business. Explain how you came to this particular option and why you chose to run with it. Then, of course, bring it all together with the success of where you are today and how you’re continuing to work towards improving your service for your customers.

Branding through storytelling: Answering the ‘why should I care’ question


When a person reads about your product or business they are undoubtedly going to be doing two or three things at once. They might be at work and reading an email, in the doctor’s office thinking about the school run and waiting to see their GP, or any number of things. They won’t care about what you have to say unless it’s compelling and engaging. So when you are creating your brand story, whether you’re using the medium of blog post, video, Instagram story, photo montage, or live action screenplay, make sure you are constantly thinking: why should someone care about this? That way you won’t get bogged down in ideas that might not shine and you’ll be left with the best ideas.

Branding through storytelling: Get started today

At Oath Creative we are devoted to branding and creating exceptional stories for our clients. We would love to be part of your business growth and development and help you to sculpt a stunning brand that resonates with your audience in all the right ways.


  • Branding through storytelling lets you reach out and connect with your audience in a meaningful way.
  • You can use storytelling across a range of mediums and engage with people across a variety of platforms; what you choose to use will depend on where your audience hangs out.
  • Be creative in how you use storytelling and don’t be afraid of stepping outside the box.


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