Are Blogs Still A Thing In 2022?

Every year, content marketing efforts seem to grow in complexity and scope.

And since blogging has been around for so long in some ways, this leads many to ask the question: “Is blogging outdated?

According to us… and thousands of marketers around the world, not even close. Blogs continue to be extremely valuable for lead generation, brand awareness, and SEO. And they’re still popular among consumers.

But what exactly is a blog?

Blogging, or in this case business blogging, is a marketing tactic used to gain more online visibility. Any kind of business can use a blog as part of their digital marketing strategy, as a cost-effective way to increase brand awareness.

Blogs can be the centre of your online presence, creating content to be shared via social media from Facebook to Twitter. They can include video and other media and improve your site’s SEO. For a business, blogging is an invaluable tool to attain and retain customers, keeping them updated and interested in what your business is doing.

Below, are three major advantages to blogging for your business:

1.     Blogs drive traffic

As mentioned previously, Blogs help businesses of all sizes gain online visibility. When consumers have a question the first person they ask is often Google, and your blog post could be waiting to show up and answer their question. The more blog posts you publish to your website, the higher your chance of showing up in search engine results.

2.     Traffic can be converted into leads

CTA is an acronym you will grow to love. It stands for Call to Action, something nearly all business blogs should feature. A well written blog will attract potential customers and establish how your business has the capabilities to help them. With the inclusion of a CTA, you can convert readers into leads and make them feel the need to contact you or sign up to your mailing list, guiding them further down the path of sales.

3.     Business blogs help establish authority

If you consistently create valuable content or articles for your target audience, it’ll establish you as an industry leader or authority in their eyes. By presenting expert information online, you can showcase your knowledge and expertise in your industry. Blogs provide this platform for you to demonstrate a willingness to solve consumer problems, and an ability to do so, using your expert knowledge and experience.

BUT, for a business to capitalise on the lucrative marketing channel that is blogging, they must do so with intent.

Blogging with intent means to write with a purpose. One of the primary causes for a blog to miss the mark is that the writer doesn’t have an objective for each blog post. You should have a set goal for each blog, that is engaging to the reader AND provides some sort of value. The value you provide in your blog will depend on the industry you operate in. For a retailer it might be more product focused, for a services company it might be to demonstrate and share your depth of knowledge and experience. So, an effective business blog will define a particular issue or known customer need and then offer them advice, information or ask for feedback.

Inspired to incorporate this type of content into your digital marketing strategy? Looking for a bit of direction, or have no idea where to start? Here at Oath Creative we can help you start this journey or revamp what you have already started. So, get in touch today.

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